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Classic Pens Announces the LB3 Jupiter
Limited Edition of 100 Pens World-wide
January 7, 2007

Classic Pens LB3 Jupiter fountain pen in Space Blue pearl

The LB3 Jupiter is an exquisite inlay design, handcrafted by the artist Paul Rossi, exclusively for Classic Pens. The canvas for the design is the very first pen model developed and produced by the company. This pen marks a new beginning and celebrates the Twentieth Anniversary of Classic Pens.

Classic Pens LB3 Jupiter in Space Blue pearl, length 5.75 inches

Classic Pens is best known for its customization of flagship models by international pen makers. This began in 1990 with the sterling silver CP1 Targa. In 2005, the company started development of its own pen models. Paul Rossi worked with Andreas Lambrou, to design the new pens and handcraft the prototypes. By the end of 2006 a full size fountain pen as well as a rollerball/ballpen model were developed. It is these models which are used for the LB3 Jupiter series.

Classic Pens LB3 Jupiter fountain pen showing funnel shaped section and nib

Classic Pens LB3 Jupiter rollerball / ballpen in Space Blue pearl

The plastic materials used for pen production are the highest quality acrylics, developed and produced in England by Carville, exclusively for Classic Pens. The starting acrylic was produced by Du Vergier in London. It is of the same manufacture as the pearl which Parker use with their Pearl and Black Duofold series, the top acrylic finish of the Duofold range.

Cap and barrel in diffusion bonded Space Blue pearl - note Big Bear constellation in cap. Jupiter in diffusion bonded Red pearl.

The material is available in red pearl and blue pearl. It goes through several processes for stabilization and longevity. Thin sheets of the material are then laid on top of one another, and bonded together through diffusion. The resulting acrylic material is unique, and has a wonderful pearl appearance. The pens made from these diffusion bonded acrylics are attractive, they have stability and longevity.

Classic Pens LB3 Jupiter fountain pen and rollerball / ballpen

Paul Rossi is a multi-talented craftsman. He began to make things at a very early age, in his native Switzerland. As a teenager, he chose to acquire the finest writing instrument his money could buy, at the local stationery store. Quality and craftsmanship have always been his goals. Today, his handcrafted pens are admired and sought by collectors throughout the world.

Paul Rossi

The friendship of Andreas Lambrou and Paul Rossi began 15 years ago. As avid collectors they exchanged information and pens. In 1997, Paul created two unique silver overlay designs for Andreas using the Parker Duofold Centennial as the canvas. A year later, Classic Pens Inc. was formed in Los Angeles, California. The working relationship of the two friends was strengthened when they began development of sterling silver overlay designs for Classic Pens. The range comprised five unique designs which were launched at the Los Angeles Show in February 2001. Paul handcrafted ten pieces of each design. The series were successful, the pens are cherished by their owners.

Classic Pens Eagle Chief sterling silver overlay by Paul Rossi

Classic Pens sterling silver overlays by Paul Rossi: Woodland Oak, Harvest, Alaska, and Muse

The LB3 Jupiter design is the fruit of the working relationship between Paul Rossi, Andreas Lambrou and Armen J. Malikian. It is an exclusive Classic Pens design which Paul crafts completely by hand. The canvas is the full size pen model developed with Paul and it is quite fitting that the launch of this model is adorned with his unique and exquisite hand crafted inlay work.

Paul Rossi

Andreas Lambrou, President and co-founder of Classic Pens, 1987

Armen J. Malikian, Vice-President, Classic Pens, Inc., 2006

The LB3 Jupiter is an inlay work with acrylic materials and precious metals. The planet Jupiter is represented by a round plug in the Classic Pens Red pearl. Four moons in white or blue acrylic are shown orbiting Jupiter. There are 21 stars in 18ct. solid gold inlaid in three constellation formations, 7 stars each formation . On the cap, on either side of the clip, the design shows the Big Bear and Little Bear, whilst on the barrel the stars represent Orion. Finally, smaller sterling silver stars are inlaid artistically on the cap and barrel to compliment the design.

Detail of Jupiter inlay showing the moons

The series will comprise a total of 100 pens in a choice of fountain pen or rollerball/ballpen writing modes. The fountain pens use the converter/cartridge system. They will be fitted with 18ct. solid gold, two tone nibs in a choice of Fine, Medium, Broad and Broad Italic. The nibs will bear the Classic Pens logo graphics.

Classic Pens LB3 Jupiter fountain pen and rollerball / ballpen self-contained unit

The launch is planned for early May, 2007.

The LB3 Jupiter design is created by Paul Rossi completely by hand. And it takes Paul 10 hours to create each inlay design. All of the 100 Jupiter pens in the LB3 series conform to the same poetic theme, but each differs just enough from the others to be truly a distinctive work of art.

A quote from Paul Rossi, “Every LB3 Jupiter has a little bit of my soul”

Paul Rossi

List price for the fountain pen, $1,495, for the rollerball / ballpen, $1,395.

With the very successful LB1 Nagahara and LB2 Kimono, demand for the LB3 Jupiter is expected to be high. We are taking pre-orders and for those who have previous LB pens, we will allocate the same edition numbers if they are available.


The pen set was loaned for photography by Classic Pens. Photographs of Paul Rossi and overlay designs courtesy PenWorld International.

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