Many sources are used for the information in the articles in the PenGallery. If not cited in the article itself, the information came from company published literature, including catalogs, brochures, instruction manuals and advertisements or from one of the following sources:

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Hal Arnold - For information and providing examples of Wahl and Mabie Todd pens - 6/16/02

Rob Astyk - For background information on Sheaffer Autograph and Signature Pens - 4/12/02

Tim Barker - For identifying PFM available colors - 2/18/02; For photos of the Sheaffer PFM Demonstrator - 6/14/02

Bertram's Inkwell - For loaning pens to photograph for the Philadelphia Pen Show, the Miami Pen Show, and for several articles on the site - 9/10/05

Richard Binder - For repeated excellent updating facts on pen models - 10/23/04

Lynn Brant - For invaluable Eversharp information, loan of pens and scans of instructions, and loan of pens - 4/14/04

Fernando Bonilla - For advertisement scans - 11/12/03

Dan Carmell - For loaning several Chinese Parker and Sheaffer clones for photographs - 4/30/04

Howard Cohen - For additional identification material on the various Elysee models - 3/31/05

John Cutcher - For Wearever advertisement scan from the September 10, 1938 issue of the Saturday Evening Post - 9/10/03

Frank Dubiel - For information and advertising scans on the early Sheaffer Imperial pens - 10/27/02

Andy Evans - For information and advertising and instruction scans on the early Sheaffer Dry-Proof deskset, Conway Stewart, and Waterman pens, Vaporite Brush pen, Sheaffer TM, and for providing a C/F style Skywriter - 9/15/05

Sam Fiorella - For background information on Sheaffer Autograph and Signature Pens, and for providing guidance and a copy of the article "The Honest Forger," in the October, 1953 Sheaffer's Review - 3/23/03

Naphtali Hoffman - For scans and information on John Holland Jewel pens - 12/30/02

Bill Hong - For additional information on Eversharp Symphony pens - 6/18/02

Steve Hull - For additional information on Mabie Todd Swan Visofil pens - 6/30/04

Kris Van Hulle - For information on Vector converter packaging in Europe - 6/11/03

Deb Kinney - For loaning the Sheaffer Autograph Ebonized Pearl pen for photographs - 4/16/04

Daniel Kirchheimer - For technical and catalog information on the Sheaffer PFM and Cadet - 4/4/02; For scans of the Sheaffer 1963 catalog; Loaning a late packaged Tip-Dip pen - 3/22/04

Stanley Klemanowicz - For loaning the Waterman Man 100 gold "Specimen" pen - 4/30/04

Don Jacobson - For loaning early Autopoint and Cross user guides - 10/25/04

Debi Lansey - For identifying the Sheaffer Crest Red Opalite model and supplying scans - 1/5/02

Ronny Largenfalk - For providing the 1998 Élysée catalog and new information on the Dragon Limited Edition pen - 10/24/04

Jeff Lewis - For providing original scans of Yard-O-Led instructions - 1/14/05

Arthur Lewy - For Identifying The Black Laque Finish On The Place Vendome - 2/11/04

Sam Marshall - For information on early Sheaffer Touchdown pens and TM Snorkel Pens - 10/8/02

Matt McColm - For numerous scans of early user guides - 7/24/05

Ross McKinney - For background, pen photos, loaned pens, and advertisement scans on the Moore Fingertip Pen and Sheaffer Wasp pens - 3/29/05

Konstantin Mihov - For providing corrections on the Parker Vector history - 1/17/02

Scott Miller- For photos of Wahl pens - 12/28/02

Kurt Montgomery - For dating and catalog information on the Sheaffer Crest early models - 2/25/02

Leigh Moser - For loaning a Sheaffer Snorkel Triumph for photographs - 1/25/04

Dr. Laurence Oldfield - For collaboration, scans and photographs on the Swan Visofil pen line - 1/19/03

David Oye - For providing copies of Moore Fingertip instruction sheets - 12/31/04

Len Provisor - For loaning the Parker Classic Space Pen - 11/30/04

Michael Rapps - For additional information on the Montblanc Noblesse pen - 5/31/02

Harry Schubin - For loaning several Parker 51 fantasy pens and supplying much background detail - 2/28/04

Siegmund StadtbĂžumer - For additional scans of all five Eversharp Skyline Modern Stripe pen colors - 5/30/02

Krzysztof Trzesniowski - For Sheaffer Vacuum-Filler user guide scan - 10/24/03

Christopher Tate - For loaning a Wearever Pennant with a Flexifine nib for testing - 4/4/04

Ron Tucker - For information on the inner workings of the Vaporite Brush Pen - 2/15/05

Patrick Van Hoof - For Sheaffer catalog scans - 9/10/05

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