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Something Old, Something New:

Sheaffer's New Fall Lineup

by Jim Mamoulides, June 30, 2005

Sheaffer's newest pens for Fall 2005 are indeed a play on that famous rhyme. Each of the major new pens in the line is tied to an existing product line, but new from a simple as a new finish through a complete rethinking of the product.

Victorian Series Special Edition

The flashiest and most important new model is the Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Victorian Special Edition. This is a deeply engraved all sterling silver pen with a repeating Victorian era motif. The pen is based on the classic Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Sterling Silver, so it will be a heavyweight and handsome pen and the look will appeal to the largest of Sheaffer's markets, the United Kingdom.

Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Victorian Series Special Edition

The Victorian Series will be an unnumbered Special Edition and will be released in October or November of 2005. The edition will be a medium point fountain pen with an 18 karat gold nib and a matching rollerball. The fountain pen will retail for US $450.00. The edition will be delivered in the same large gift box as the current regular edition Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Sterling Silver Interrupted Barleycorn. If you have seen that model, you will have a sense of the size and heft of the new Special Edition.

Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Victorian Series Special Edition

What's unique about this pen is Sheaffer is asking their dealer base to estimate the number of pens they want and that will be the run. Once the pre-orders are in and the dealers get their stock, that will be it for this model. A truly special special edition. We will have the early production pens in mid August and will give a full review in our August pages.

Burgundy Look Of Leather

Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Look Of Leather Burgundy

Sheaffer released new models in June that you can have right now. The first is the newest finish in the Look of Leather series of Legacy Heritage models. The burgundy finish is a warm burgundy wine color and has a more natural and warm look, much like the Brushed Brown finish. The trim is all 23 karat gold plated, and the nib is Sheaffer's classic Inlaid 18 karat gold nib. This pen nicely rounds out the Look of Leather finishes, giving the choice of black, brown, blue, and now burgundy pens. The fountain pen retails for US $225.00, the matching capped rollerball is US $135.00, and the matching twist action ballpoint is US $110.00.

The Newest MPI - Brushed Chrome C/T

Sheaffer Prelude MPI Brushed Chrome C/T

The very popular Sheaffer Prelude MPI is out June 1 with a new Brushed Chrome finish with chrome plated trim. The Prelude MPI combines ballpoint and highlighter features in a single writing instrument, instantly changing functions with a simple twist. This is a smart looking alternative to the very popular Brushed Chrome G/T finish and gives the Prelude line a fifth writing style in four finishes: Black Onyx, with a bright palladium plated cap and deep black laque barrel, Fluted 22 Karat Gold Plate, Brushed Chrome G/T, and Brushed Chrome C/T. The new Sheaffer Prelude MPI Brushed Chrome C/T retails for US $45.00.

Sheaffer Upgrades Calligraphy - The Calligraphy Deluxe Kit

Sheaffer Deluxe Calligraphy Kit, Shown Complete In The Metal Tin

When we took a pre-release Sheaffer Deluxe Calligraphy kit to the Raleigh Pen Show and left it on the table for people to play with, it drew people like honey draws bees. Adults and kids alike found the unique long and heavy plastic quills so compelling that they had to be picked up and played with. Lots of doodling and amateur calligraphy was done on our Sheaffer pads at the show. Lot's of people asked, "When is this out? When can I get one?" Well, they're here!

Sheaffer completely re-thought the look and feel of the Calligraphy pen and came up with these long desk-pen like tapers and nib width labeled caps that make for a winner of a calligraphy package. The pens include a converter and are packaged in a handsome tin that will keep them safe when not in use. We also found that the caps are very airtight, so the pens stay ready to write for a long time between sessions. The nibs and sections are the familiar rubberized grip of the very popular Sheaffer Calligraphy Pens, but this is a much upscale package. Very reasonably priced at US $35.00 retail.

Next month: What Cross is up to this fall!


Some photos and artwork above copyright Sheaffer Pen Company.

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