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PenSurveys: 2006 Tournament 3/30/06 

The 2006 Greatest Pen Tournament


Thought I'd have some fund during roundball month and create a contest to determine the World's Greatest Pen for 2006. This will be held on the PenSurveys section of as an elimination tournament with brackets starting with 32 pens and run to the winner in the next four weeks. There will be on-line poll voting each round. Pens will be paired based on the most to least recommendations for the top 32 pens. Each round the winner of each pairing will move on to the next round.

The "Selection Committee" (me) has picked the first 16 pens for consideration. YOU need to pick the 32 challengers, which will be ranked by the total number of recommendations for each. I will count postings here, on, and ACPP. The list of 16 pens below start with 1 vote each.

This is the schedule for the tournament:

Sunday, March 12 midnight EST
All recommended pens counted and added to the field of 32.

See the selection votes for your favorites on FPN!

See the bracket here

Tournament Rounds

Round 1 - Round of 32 - Has Ended
Round 2 - Round of 16 - Has Ended

Round 3 - Round of 8 - Has Ended
Round 4 - Round of 4 - Has Ended
Round 5 - Round of 2 - Has Ended - See the winner!
Thursday, March 30 10pm EST - FINAL Round of 2 ENDS - WINNER CROWNED

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