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PenSurveys: Bottle or Cartridge? - 3/2/02

Do You Prefer to Fill From a Bottle or Use Cartridges?

It's the "paper or plastic" question.

It's the "floor wax or dessert topping" decision.

Most modern pens are cartridge / converter pens, which leaves the pen user with the decision of whether to use those really convenient disposable cartridges or to dive in and bottle fill the pen.

What a decision those clever people at Waterman gave us when the C/F was introduced in 1953, the first successful cartridge fill pen. Most pen makers have adopted the cartridge / converter system in some form since.

My personal favorite is the Sheaffer system, where the cartridges are little cylinders that can be inserted either end and the pressure from screwing on the barrel pierces the cartridge and makes a firm connection to the section.

So the question is, Do you prefer to fill from a bottle or use cartridges? I've also added the option to say you like both or prefer neither.

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Bottle or Cartridge?
Do you prefer to fill from a bottle or use cartridges?

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