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PenSurveys: Montblanc Pens 4/2/02

Love Them or Hate Them?

"They were better made in the old days."

"Their 'precious resin' is junk and breaks too easily."

"They make the best Limiteds of anyone!"

"The only problem pen is the 144."

Montblanc - the brand we love to hate!

Montblanc / Mahblah: If you have any exposure to fine pens you undoubtedly have run across the "white star" brand. As Rolex is to watches, Montblanc is to pens - the defacto luxury pen in the eyes of the masses. It's probably the only pen where any serious effort is made to produce cheap knock-offs. It makes no difference about quality or price, most people think of this pen when they think of an "expensive pen."

That would be all well and good if not for the "dark side" of the equation: a perception among some of those in the pen collecting community that something is amiss when it comes to Montblanc quality. There is a certain "X-Files" undercurrent on the pen web, with sites and discussion list postings about Montblanc pens that break easily, poor customer service, high repair charges, and even worse. <gasp>

  • Is this all urban legend?
  • Is there a secret plot to pawn off cheap, poorly made pens at high prices to the unsuspecting public?
  • Is this a misinformation plot afoot by competitors to discredit Montblanc and steal their well-heeled customers?
  • Is it backlash against a successful brand marketing?
  • Does the pen collecting community resent the propagation of the boutiques popping up here and there?

Where is Cecil Adams when we need him?

Since there does appear to be a persistent love / hate thing going here, I decided to create two polls to attack the issue from two directions:

First, perhaps more tongue-in-cheek, I ask the question: Montblanc pens: Do you love them or hate them? I've deliberately left off any neutral answer. You decide!

Second, I decided to really attack the quality issue. Are Montblanc pens slipping in quality? What do you think? Please vote and also add comments that you think others would find helpful!

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Montblanc Pens
Love them or hate them?

Current Results

Montblanc Pens
Are Montblanc pens slipping in quality?

Current Results

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