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PenSurveys: Collector's Survey 4/14/03

The Best Pen Of All Time?

The two heavyweights circle each other. They eye each other as they bob and weave. Who takes it? Who will reign supreme?

Without a doubt, any conversation about the "best pen" will include these two:

The Parker 51, the pen that ushered in hooded nibs and a space-age streamlined style that was copied by nearly every pen maker.

The Sheaffer Snorkel, the most complex pen ever made. The ultimate, no wipe, no fuss filler. The endpoint of the Balance design.

Both were made by the millions. Both were market leaders. Both had numerous variations that keep collectors happy chasing all of them.

So which pen will be the winner of the coveted title of "Best Pen Of All Time?" You decide!

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Parker 51 vs Sheaffer Snorkel

The best pen of all time?

Parker 51
Sheaffer Snorkel
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