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PenSurveys: Collector's Survey 10/23/04

Ink Up?

There's a recurring discussion in the pen collecting community that centers on using or preserving mint vintage pens. The discussion becomes especially acute when it deals with new old stock (NOS) pens that still have the original stickers on them (should they be removed or not?) or pens that may discolor or stain by being inked or resacced.

The "sides" tend to divide between those who take a "preservationist" view vs those who "want to use my pen".

There are preservationist collectors worry about the decreasing number of pristine examples of certain vintage pens. They see NOS / stickered pens as having special historic value.

There are user collectors who seek the best pens they can find and want to use that pen, which is why they bought it.

Here's a chance to vote your preference and see where other collectors stand on this issue.

What do you think? Ink up?

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Ink up?

Should a new old stock vintage pen be inked?

Yes! Pens were meant to be used!
Yes, but not scarce models.
No, save this for user grade pens.
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