Pen Manufacturers and Distributors

Pen Manufacturers and Distributors

Ace Pens - Inexpensive pens, promotional pens, also makes fountain pen parts, USA
Ackerman Pens - Ackerman pens, pump pens, USA
Acme Studio - Acme Studio pens, moderate priced pens, focus on designers and artists, USA
Add-It Systems, Inc. - Manufacturer of security pens, Canada
Aldo Domani Pens - Yafa Brands, USA
Ancora - Ancora, Italy
AP Limited Editions - Japanese Maki-e and Russian Lacquer Art pens, USA
Aquila Brands - Manufacturer of Tibaldi, Jaguar, Lalex, and Smart, Italy
Aratrum - Distributor of Kaweco, Marlen, Tibaldi, Lalex, and Aquila, in German, Germany
Artus - Limited Edition lacquer art pens, Russia
Asphodel Enterprise Inc - Technical and fine pens, Taiwan
Autopoint - Autopoint pens and mechanical pencils, inexpensive, USA
Aurora - Aurora pens, Moderate to high end pens, Italy
Ballograf - Inexpensive pens, Sweden
Ballpark Pens - Tokens & Icons, USA
B. A. P Pens - Cesere Emiliano pens, fine pens, Torino, Italy
Beifa - Inexpensive and promotional pens, China
Benu - Eye catching contemporary design pens, Moscow, Russia
Bexley - Bexley pens, moderate to high end pens, with focus on vintage styles, USA
BIC - Parent company of BIC, and Stypen, France
BIC Every Day - A resource for teachers, students, and educators, with tools and applications for the classroom, BIC offers, promotions, and products, USA
Bossert & Erhard - Fine sterling silver pens, Germany
Bruynzeel - Inexpensive school pens, Netherlands
Campo Marzio Design - All ranges, Italy
Caran d'Ache - Caran d'Ache pens, all ranges, Swiss site, Switzerland
Pierre Cardin UK - Official Pierre Cardin licensees in the UK and Ireland, direct sales and personalization
Cartier - Cartier pens, high end, France
Chartpak - Distributor of Pelikan, Porsche Design and Koh-I-Noor pens, USA
Charriol - Fine pens, Switzerland
Chatterley Pens - Boutique pen line Chatterley Pens, Bryant Greer, USA
Choice Bangladesh - Distributor of inexpensive pens from India, including Montex, Bangladesh

PenHeroClassic Pens, Inc / Lambrou Pens - Lambrou Pens / Classic Pens, high end limited edition Makie-E and sterling silver pens, USA
Cleo-Skribent - Cleo writing instruments, fine pens, Germany
Clipco Exports - Ballpoint pens with specialized clips, India
Colibri - Colibri pens, USA
Columbus - Columbus pens, fine pens, Italy
Conid - The Conidpen piston and plunger filler fine pens, Belgium
Conklin - Conklin pens, High end, USA
Constellations88 - Hand painted, individually numbered fountain pens, India
Curtis Australia - Curtis Australia pens, fine to high end pens, Australia
A. T. Cross - Cross pens, fine to inexpensive, all ranges, USA
D-Parmy - Hand crafted wood and marquetry writing instruments, Reggio Emilia, Italy
Dani Trio - Dani Trio pens, fine to high end pens, USA
Dani Japan - Dani Trio pens, Japanese website, USA
Delta - Delta pens, fine to high end pens, Italy
Dewen - Dewen Gold-Pen Company, all ranges, China
Dexterity Technologies - EzGRIP ergonomic pens, USA
Diplomat - Diplomat pens, fine pens, Germany
Dixon Ticonderoga - Inexpensive pens, USA
Duke Fountain Pen Company - Shanghai G. Crown Fountain Pen Co., Duke pens, China
Dunhill - Dunhill pens, fine to high end pens, France
S.T. Dupont - S. T. Dupont pens,fine to high end pens, Chinese laquer, France
Eastrong - R. Pirre Paul's pens and OEM pens, Taiwan
Edelberg - Edelberg high end and bespoke pens, Switzerland
Edison Pen Company - Turned production and custom crafted pens, Brian Gray, USA
Esterbrook - Revival of the Esterbrook pen company, USA
Evopen - Evopen ergonomic ballpoint pens, USA
Faber-Castell - Graf Von Faber Castell and Porsche Design pens, fine pens, Germany
Faber-Castell Argentina - Faber Castell Argentina website, Germany
Faber-Castell Brazil - Faber Castell Brazil website, Germany
Faber-Castell Germany - Faber Castell Germany website, Germany
Ferrari da Varese - Ferrari da Verese pens, fine to high end pens, Italy
Filofax - Yard-O-Led pens, fine to high end sterling silver pens, UK
Filofax USA - Yard-O-Led pens, USA distributor, UK
Fisher - Fisher Space pens, USA
Flair Pens - Flair pens, fine pens, India
Franklin-Christoph - Franklin-Christoph pens, fine pens, USA
Fuliwen - Shanghai Fuliwen Gold-Pen Company, all ranges, China
Grifos - Grifos pens, focus on sterling silver pens, Italy
Hampton Haddon Marketing Corporation - USA Distributor for Waterford, Wedgwood, and Metropolitan Museum of Art pens, USA
Heri - Stamping pens, Germany
Heritage & Style - Distributes Aurora (Canada), Columbus, H&S, FILCAO, Magna Carta, Signum, and Urso Luxury pens, USA
Shanghai Hero Industry - Hero and Doctor inexpensive and fine pens, Chinese and English, China
e+m Holzprodukte - Natural wood pens, Germany
Inoxcrom - Inoxcrom pens, modest priced, Spain
International Writing Instrument Corp - OEM manufacturer, inexpensive pens, Taiwan
Itoya America - Itoya pens, inexpensive pens, Japan
Jean-Pierre Lepine - Jean-Pierre Lepine pens, designer pens, all ranges, France
Jorg Hysek - Jorg Hysek pens, Exotic designer pens, Switzerland
Kaigelu - Kaigelu pens, fine pens, China
Kaorong - Louis Codan pens, fine pens, Taiwan
Kaweco - Kaweco pens, Germany
Kenro - USA Distributor for Aurora, Bugatti, Montegrappa, Omas, Nettuno and Tibaldi pens, USA
KoonySun - Aviator and space theme pens, Canada
Krone - Krone pens, fine to high end, Italy
Kynsey - High end hand decorated pens, Spain
Laban - Laban pens, fine to high end pens, Taiwan|
Andreas Lambrou - Alternate address of Classic Pens, Andreas Lambrou, USA
Lamy - Lamy pens, high-tech designs, fine pens, Germany
Lamy USA - USA distributor site for Lamy pens, USA
Levenger - Levenger brand fine pens, USA
Linc - Linc pens, inexpensive pens, India
Loiminchay - High end limited production pens, USA
Luxury Brands USA - Distributor for Bexley, Platinum, Kaweco, and Noodler's Ink, USA
Giuliano Mazzuoli - Designer fine pens and accessories, Italy
Manuscript Pen Company - Calligraphy pens, UK
Marlen - Marlen pens, fine to high end pens, Italy
Mentmore - Mentmore pens, fine pens, UK
Michael's Pens - Michael's Fat Boy pens, USA
Microvision Optical - Pens that contain glasses, USA
Mondial LUS - Inexpensive pens, Italy
Montblanc - Montblanc pens, Moderate to high end pens, Germany
Montblanc Germany - Montblanc pens, Moderate to high end pens, Germany
Montegrappa1912 - Montegrappa pens, Moderate to high end pens, Italy
Monteverde - Monteverde pens, Moderate Priced, USA Distributor site, Italy
Montex - Inexpensive pens, India
MySigner - Makes special pens and refills which produce unique microcodes on the line of the ink for handwriting verification - Prague, Czech Republic
Namiki - Namiki pens, fine to high end pens, Japan
Namisu - Namisu pens, fine pens, Fife, United Kingdom
Newell Rubbermaid - Owner of Parker, Waterman, Quill and Papermate, USA
Next-Gen-USA - Cali Deco Floating Pen, Joe Cali, USA
Nord Mark - USA distributor for Ballograph pens, Sweden
OHTO - Inexpensive pens, Japan
OMAS - OMAS pens, fine to high end pens, Italy
Online Pen - Fine pens, fun designs, Germany
Onoto - Fine to high end pens, UK
David Oscarson - High end limited edition sterling silver based pens, USA
Papermate - Papermate pens, inexpensive pens, USA
Parker - Moderate to high end pens, Parker USA site, UK
PAX - Pax pens, fine to high end pens, Hong Kong
Pelikan - Pelikan and Geha pens, all ranges, Germany
Pen Again - Ergonomic pens, Pacific Writing Instruments, USA
TOZ Penkala - Penkala pens, fine pens, Croatia
Pens by Michael - Pens made from paper, Michael Harrington, USA
Pentel - Pentel pens, inexpensive pens, Japan
Pentel UK - Pentel pens, inexpensive pens, UK site, Japan
Pentel USA - Pentel pens, inexpensive pens, USA site, Japan
Perraz Pens - Perraz pens, Emmanouel Perris, Australia
Phoenix Lacquer Art - Russian lacquer art pens pens, Netherlands
Pilot Pen - Pilot and Namiki pens, all ranges, Japan
Pilot Pen Germany - Pilot and Namiki pens, all ranges, Japan
Pilot Pen USA - Pilot and Namiki pens USA site, all ranges, Japan
Platignum Pens - UK
Platinum Pen - Platinum pens, all ranges, Japan
Platinum Pen USA - Platinum pens USA distributor, all ranges, Japan
Platinum Pen Taiwan - Platinum pens Taiwan, all ranges, Japan
Points of Distinction - Points of Distinction, Inc, USA distributor of Diplomat pens, fine pens, Germany
Porsche Design - Porsche Design pens, fine pens, Germany
Prodir - Prodir pens, inexpensive pens, Switzerland
Quill - Quill pens, inexpensive to moderate and promotional pens, USA
RajHans Writing Tools - RajHans pens, India
Recife - Recife pens, moderate price pens, France
Retro 51 - Retro 51 pens, moderate priced pens, USA
Reynolds - India - G. M. Pens International, Reynolds pens India distributor, inexpensive pens, France
Rotomac - Inexpensive pens, India
Rotring - Maker of the Rotring Rapidograph and other pens, Germany
Sailor - Sailor pens, all ranges, Japan
Sailor USA - Sailor pens USA site, all ranges, Japan
Sakura - USA distributor of inexpensive pens, Japan
Santini Italia - Fine pens manufactured entirely on premises, including nibs, Confienza, Italy
Schneider - Schneider pens, economy pens, Germany
Senator - Senator pens, inexpensive to high end pens, Germany
Shapka Moskovita - Shapka Moskovita pens, high end Russian lacquer painted pens, Sergey Krasnogolovets and Sergey Bobovnikovand. In Russian and English, Russia
Sheaffer - Sheaffer pens, all ranges, USA
Signo - In German, distributor for Aurora, Dunhill and Visconti, Germany
Signum - Signum pens, fine pens, Italy
Spalding Pens - Spalding pens on-line shop, USA
Spalding Brothers - Spalding pens, in Italian, Italy
Stabilo - Economy pens, Germany
Staedtler Canada - Staedtler pens, inexpensive pens, Canada Site, Germany
Staedtler Germany - Staedtler pens, inexpensive pens, Germany
Staedtler Japan - Staedtler pens, inexpensive pens, Japan site, Germany
Staedtler USA - Staedtler pens, inexpensive pens, Germany
Stipula - Stipula pens, fine pens, Italy
Stone Marketing - Distributor for Graf von Faber-Castell, Caran d'Ache, Pelikan, Sheaffer, Porsche Design, and Tombow pens, UK
Sure Fire - Sure Fire rugged pens, USA
Taccia - Taccia pens, fine pens, USA
Think - Think pens, moderately priced pens and limited editions, USA
Tibaldi - Tibaldi pens, fine pens, Italy
Tiffany - Tiffany pens, fine pens, USA
Tombow Europe - Tombow pens, moderate priced pens, Europe Site, Japan
Tombow USA - Tombow pens, moderate priced pens, USA Site, Japan
Totally Worth It - Watch inspired high end pens, USA
TRYxAngle - Manufacturer of DECOPEN curved nib pens, Japan
Tvornica Olovaka (Penkala) - Penkala pens, pencils and pens, Croatia
URSO - Handmade high end designer pens, Italy
VENVSTAS - VENVSTAS is a collection of writing instruments designed and handcrafted in Paris, France
Vermont Pen - Handmade high end precious metal designer pens, USA
Visconti - Visconti pens, fine to high end pens, Italy
Von Moos - Von Moos luxury pens, Switzerland
Wahl-Eversharp - Fine pens, USA
Waldmann Pens - High end pens, focus on sterling silver, Germany
Waterford - Waterford pens, Ireland
Waterman - Waterman pens, all ranges, France
William Henry - Designer pens, USA
WinkPens - Refillable glass nib fountain pens built to write with alternative liquids such as wine, juice, or tea, USA
Winson Development Company - Jaguar pens, inexpensive pens, Hong Kong
Wörther Baden-Baden - Metal writing instruments, Germany
X-Pen - Moderately priced pens, USA
Xezo - Xezo pens, fine pens, USA
Yafa - Distributor of Conklin, Delta, Monteverde, Stipula, Napkin, Schmidt, Hugo Boss, Aldo Domani and Yafa pens, USA
Yard-O-Led - Yard-O-Led pens, fine pens, Filofax site, UK
Yoropen - Yoropen ergonomic pens, Taiwan
Zebra Pen - Zebra pens, economy ballpoints and rollerballs, USA Site, Japan
Zebra Pen Japan - Zebra pens, economy ballpoints and rollerballs, Japan


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