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PenHero.com was founded September 26, 2001 by Jim Mamoulides as a simple on-line archive of fountain pen links. His motivation was to create a web page because the bookmarks in his browser had become unwieldy with over 150 sites collected. He thought it would be easier to manage if he dumped the lot to a webpage that he could access easily and get where he wanted to go with a single click, rather than navigate a bunch of nested menus. The site quickly grew to become a creative outlet for articles on pen history, pen reviews, and a repository of pen information.

PenHero.com not only contains hundreds of pen related weblinks, but is a photo-illustrated on-line resource of information about vintage and modern writing instruments. If this is your first time here, you may want to peruse the numerous articles, penographies, advertisement galleries, web polls, desktop wallpapers, and vintage user guides that are frequently updated each month.

In addition, there are pens and ephemera for sale, as well as original signed photographs, many from the pages of PenHero.com, available in the PenHero.com Store.

Enjoy your visit, and enjoy the word's best hands-on hobby, the hobby that connects your thoughts to paper with the pen in your hand.

Some facts about the PenHero.com site

  • Over a hundred photo-illustrated articles on fountain pens, including identification guides and details on models, dates and original prices of many of the world's leading pen manufacturers can be found in the PenGallery and PenInHand sections of the site. New content is added weekly.
  • News from the pen world, including manufacturer announcements and links to relevant articles can be found in PenNews. News is updated as it breaks.
  • Vintage advertisement galleries, grouped by manufacturer, with hundreds of scans of advertisements, an essential aid for pen identification can be found in the PenGallery.
  • Penographies of selected manufacturers, outlining the history and significant models, with direct links to articles on many of the models and events in company history can be found in the PenGallery.
  • Scores of original vintage user guides, scans of the original instruction booklets can be found in the Library of Vintage Pen And Pencil User Guides.
  • Dozens of desktop wallpapers in multiple sizes.
  • Over 950,000 hits per month, from pen collectors all over the world!
  • Thousands of unique visitors each day, including you!

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PenHero.com LLC is a North Carolina Limited Liability Corporation

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