Library Of Vintage Pen And Pencil User Guides

Getting ready to fill a Sheaffer Valiant Vacuum-Fill pen


Autopoint 1946 Pencil
Autopoint 1947 Pencil


Conklin c1939 Endura Guarantee

Conway Stewart

Conway Stewart c1957-1963 No. 74 "Speedy-Phil" And Lever-Fill


Criterion c1920s De Luxe and Premo User Guide


Cross 1965

Diamond Medal

Diamond Medal c1930s


Esterbrook c1959 Plunger Filler


Fend c1960s Ballpoint and Pencil

General Manufacturing

General Manufacturing c1918 Snapfil and Kaligraf

Mabie Todd

Mabie Todd c1920s Swan Safety Pen
Mabie Todd 1935 Swan Visofil V Series

Mabie Todd c1936 Blackbird
Mabie Todd c1949 Swan Lever-Fill and Leverless User Guide


Moore c1946-1950 Fingertip
Moore c1946-1950 Fingertip
Moore c1946-1950 Fingertip
Moore c1946-1950 Top Action Pencil


Mordan 1934 Everpoint Pencil


Parker 1925 Duofold
Parker 1928 Duofold

Parker c1949 51
Parker c1950-1955 51
Parker 1955 Duofold, Victory, or Slimfold (UK)
Parker 1957 61 Capillary and Liquid Lead Pencil
Parker 1961 Eversharp Big E
Parker 1961 45
Parker 1962 61 Capillary
Parker 1962 VP Very Personal
Parker 1963 51
Parker 1965 45 Convertible
Parker 1967 Pens
Parker 1970 Calendar Jotter
Parker 1975 Systemark
Parker 1979 Pens
Parker 1989 88 Place Vendôme User Guide


Sheaffer c1914 Pens
Sheaffer c1922 Pens
Sheaffer c1935 Pens
Sheaffer c1935-1939 Dry-Proof Desk Set
Sheaffer 1943 Triumph
Sheaffer 1947 Vacuum-Filler
Sheaffer 1947 Stratowriter
Sheaffer 1949 Touchdown
Sheaffer 1952 Snorkel Pens
Sheaffer 1955 Snorkel / Tip-Dip Pens
Sheaffer c1955 Fineline Cartridge Pen
Sheaffer 1957 Cartridge Pen
Sheaffer 1958 Skripsert Cartridge Pen
Sheaffer c1959 PFM / Pen For Men
Sheaffer Economy Cartridge Fountain Pen c1960
Sheaffer 1961 Tip-Dip
Sheaffer c1961-1962 PFM / Pen For Men (UK)
Sheaffer c1961-1962 PFM / Pen For Men
Sheaffer 1961 Imperial Cartridge Pens
Sheaffer 1962 Cartridge Pens
Sheaffer 1963 Lifetime Cartridge Pen
Sheaffer Economy Cartridge Fountain Pen c1964
Sheaffer c1964-1966 Pens
Sheaffer 1965 Glideriter
Sheaffer c1966 pens
Sheaffer 1974 Pens
Sheaffer c1976-1980 Pens

Sheaffer c1976 Targa
Sheaffer c1982-1990 Pens


ULTRA c1959 Plunger Filler


Vaporite Brush Pen


Venus c1947-1951 Hooded Pen

Wahl Eversharp

Eversharp c1929 Rifle Tip Pencil
Eversharp c1929 Propel Repel Expel Pencil
Eversharp c1936-1940 Repeating Pencil (UK)
Eversharp 1940 Repeating Pencil
Eversharp 1945 Lever-Filler
Eversharp c1945 Pencils (UK)
Eversharp 1946 CA Ballpoint Foldout
Eversharp 1946 CA Ballpoint Booklet
Eversharp 1953-1957 Slim Ventura


Waterman's c1918 Regular, Safety, and Self-Filling
Waterman's c1920s Regular, Safety, and Self-Filling
Waterman's c1929-1936 Regular, Safety, and Self-Filling (UK)
Waterman's c1950
Waterman's C/F c1953


Wearever c1946 De Luxe
Wearever c1946 Pacemaker
Wearever c1946 Zenith
Wearever c1950 Pennant
Wearever c1955 Pacemaker
Wearever c1958 Lady Fair
Wearever c1957 Ink Cartridge Pen
Wearever c1960 Saber
Wearever c1960 Ink Cartridge Pen


Williamson c1910s


Yard-O-Led 1960 Pencils and Ball Pens


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Many collectors buy vintage pens and pencils only to find that they aren't always self-explanatory to use and don't often come with the original users guides. This Library is intended to help collectors locate and print these sometimes hard to find items for their personal use and information. The Library is a living compilation that will grow as new material is found and donated. Please consider scanning missing material for inclusion here.

Want to donate a scanned user guide to the Library? Images may be sent to the editor, Jim Mamoulides

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  • Submit only scans you personally made from original material. If you did not personally scan it, it won't be posted here.
  • Use 300 DPI uncompressed resolution.
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  • Please do not submit anything later than 1970, both for copyright and interest reasons.
  • Submissions will be credited to you, so please give your full name for proper credit.
  • Anything you submit is assumed permitted for use anywhere on this site, including current and future articles as illustrations.
  • Credits will be posted in any other places used.
  • If you have any questions, please ask before you send anything.

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